There are many ways to find inner peace that then flows outwards to meet others and the world around. It transforms into compassion and compassionate action. We encourage compassion wherever you are: in your relationships, community and society. We are all relying on support from others in one way or another. If you would like to support us in manifesting our vision of ‘Inner Peace for a Compassionate World’ then here are some ways you can contribute:

Contribute as a volunteer

Our volunteers support us in making a difference to our guest experience. We are deeply grateful for their contribution and we couldn’t offer the space without them.

We offer volunteering opportunities that facilitate contact with nature, where you can meet new people and get active in a beautiful natural landscape.

Volunteering can be a meaningful social experience where you can receive from, and give to, this little piece of heaven on earth.  Ideal for folk in our local community. Monday morning is our regular spot to come together in community and be in service to the space for a maximum of 3 hours. We start at 9.30 with a check in and work towards lunch at 1 with a tea break and home baking at half time. If you would like to volunteer but can’t make a Monday, let us know and there may be a way to do so at a time to suit.

… the breeze, the trees, the honey bees – All volunteers

Juliet Carinreap

Contribute and support via a Residential Exchange

On a residential exchange you become more deeply involved with the offering of the space – a being of service and our expectations of you are mutually so.

We value authenticity, integrity, honesty and self-awareness.

We have put together an outline of our offer and our expectations as a result of our residential exchange hosting experience so far. We find that it helps to clarify how we do work exchanges and what is expected of someone who comes to support us. Expectations have a greater chance of being met for both parties, if there is good communication prior to any arrangements, leading to a more all-round, fulfilling experience.