A team of people in service await you. They are either paid, on an exchange or volunteers, each contributing in their unique way to co-create the environment for your experience.

Our volunteers 

If you are interested in volunteering or a residential exchange for work you can find more information here.

Our Staff

Jackie has been supporting Cherry Tree Lodge since 2017 preparing rooms and cooking up nourishing meals for guests’ delight.

Karen looks after our laundry and also prepares rooms for the comfort of guests. 

Sara provides the organising team with regular supervision to ensure we remain on track and to sense check we are taking good care of ourselves.

Jan & Leigh take good care of our bee community and there is usually “Big Birds” honey for sale.

Christine, our neighbour, supplies us with fresh eggs, salads, vegetables, jams and pickles for your delight. 

Mark is your main contact and he will be ensuring you have what you need during your stay. Up to 2005 Mark had built his career in training and development for a high street bank. After receiving redundancy he re–trained, in massage, EFT, and reiki. He has been a Heartfulness practitioner since 2009. He has trained with Relate as a couple counsellor and is a certified facilitator of Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork with Caledonian Holotropic.

He has had the good fortune to run a spiritual retreat centre, living in community, in north east Scotland for a year where he gained considerable experience hosting guests who were either touring the area or who were enjoying a longer retreat stay. He has initiated a number of personal and spiritual development groups, is a brother of the Man Kind Project and having moved to the Kingdom of Fife in 2011 to set up a retreat centre with his husband Till, he looks forward to offering you the Cherry Tree Lodge experience.

Till works as a doctor in palliative care. During his junior doctor years he completed a 3 ½ year counselling diploma course at ReVision, Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis. He studied Theology in the distant past, explored Grof Holotropic breathwork  and other self-development tools. He is committed to mindfulness and buddhist practices and is a member of the Western Chan Fellowship – which has a Chinese Zen approach to cultivating insight & compassion. He also supports the aims of the Contemplative Consciousness Network.