Wednesday 7pm – 8pm : Heartfulness Meditation by Zoom

Heartfulness offers a simple and practical approach to meditation and relaxation which is easy to learn and integrate into your daily life. You meditate on your heart. As you tune into your heart through regular meditation you can find yourself more in touch with your feelings, more compassionate, less judgemental and better able to understand yourself and other people. Your intuitive understanding grows so that your decisions can be guided by a deeper sense of what is really right for you and this in turn can bring about greater confidence.

Sessions are free and are open to anyone interested. Heartfulness welcomes donations which go to support Heartfulness work.

Find out more about the Heartfulness organisation. Access three online Heartfulness masterclasses.

How it will work

You will need a laptop/PC/smartphone that can get wifi access.

For those who are up for it the doors to the virtual meditation room are opened at 7pm for those new to the practice or those who would like a wee blether. The virtual doors are closed at 7.15 ready to start.

Find a spot in the house (maybe your bedroom if space is at a premium) and agree with cohabitants to leave you in peace for the duration.

Get yourself comfortable.

Joining the events

This is your link to access the Wednesday event – no password needed.

If you are new, login a few minutes earlier as you may need to download an app beforehand.

I look forward to meeting and “being” with you in this new way.




You can download the free Heartfulness Living In Balance meditation booklet here.