There have been many people who have helped us directly or indirectly, to support the building of this retreat space.

We are grateful to

  • Mags for repairing the back step
  • Mark’s mum, George & Gillian for taking pictures around here and Jacob & his drone for shooting the video
  • Mike for fixing the sit on mower for the umpteenth time which is worth an infinite amount of gluten-free Victoria Sponge cake
  • Eddie, Scott, Robert, Mags & Christopher, Sofian and Andrea for processing the latest 26t of logs come rain or shine
  • The many Helpers who have exchanged accommodation for giving us a hand including our ‘regulars like Christopher, Claudia and good old Angel
  • Jan & Leigh from ‘Big Birds’ for bringing their bee hives
  • Bettie & Stuttgarter Wandersleut for an orchard tree each
  • The Scottish Drystone Walling Association for helping us with the wall
  • Jill Reilly who has allowed us to reproduce and offer for sale her late husbands work. The profit from the sales of the reproductions of John’s work are divided equally between  the Retreat Fund – supporting individuals who need a retreat but don’t have the financial means, and the Development Fund – making the manifestation of infrastructure projects more likely
  • Mario for the furniture that graces some of the rooms
  • George of for donating two gorgeous panoramic framed pictures of Ely bay.
  • Doreen for the chicken house which is great for raising pheasants as well
  • Rob for helping us with the finance package to purchase the biomass boiler
  • Gareth, Ali, Clare, Julz, George, Will, Christine and Robert for the building of the log shed extension
  • The different community groups for planting 1600 trees in the paddocks and the Scottish Woodland Trust for a grant and planning advice
  • Sarah for her supervision, guidance and support
  • Gourmail for guiding Mark back from the brink by giving unconditional love every Monday for three and a half years

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow

Melody Beattie

Giving back

We have gratefully received above and are thankful for the work others do in their walks of life.

Every year we nominate a charity or a good cause and donate 5% of our profit. We also donate £1 for everyone who writes a review of their experience here. You can rate us on Trip Advisor or via the link we send you after your stay or on facebook.

We are currently supporting: M.E. Association 

Why? – They strive to give people hope that through sustained campaigning, there will, one day, be a recognised diagnostic test for their illness. They work closely with the medical profession and with government to promote swifter diagnosis and treatment of the illness. Through their research arm, The Ramsay Research Fund, they support biomedical research into the causes and treatment of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Organisations that have benefitted so far are: