We offer our space and services on a minimum pricing basis allowing as many as possible to attend to deepen their sense of well-being. We are where we are now, due to the personal, physical and financial support and contribution from many who have been here before. Generosity diminishes self-centredness and makes room for the well-being of others. We offer the possibility to donate through the Retreat Fund.

Support others to come – The Retreat Fund

If you have benefited from a retreat here, this is a wonderful opportunity to express generosity towards other people for whom the cost of coming on a  retreat is too high and where financial assistance would be appreciated.

The John Reilly Gallery

The John Reilly Gallery is a collection of art that can speak to the soul. There are around 50 images that uniquely express the links between matter and spirit, light and shadow, male and female with an uncanny relevance to contemporary life.

Reproductions of his work are available for purchase.

The John Ablett Gallery

The John Ablett gallery is a unique collection of visionary images spanning the full range of human experience. Drawing on myths, symbols and stories, these meticulously detailed mandalas depict journeys between the threshold of life and death, leading to awe-inspiring moments of sacred encounter and archetypal intensity.

Authentic reproductions of these distinctive artworks are available to own.